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In signing the bail agreement you become an indemnitor on a bail bond. As an indemnitor you are financially responsible for the Defendant’s appearance in court each and every time the defendant is ordered to appear. You are responsible for the payment of any court costs arising from non-appearance regarding the forfeiture, reinstatement or exoneration of the bond or bonds. Should it become necessary to apprehend and surrender the defendant to the court, you are responsible for any and all expenses up to the full penal amount.

If a forfeiture occurs and the matter is not reinstated or the defendant is not surrendered to the court within the time prescribed by law, you are required to pay the full penal amount of each forfeited bond, plus expenses and any unpaid premium.

You should feel 100% comfortable with who you are trying to help bail out of jail. If you can say, without hesitation, that the defendant is someone you know will cooperate fully than go ahead and give us a call.
The fee for a bail bond in the state of Louisiana is 12% of the bond total. There is also a processing fee of $30 for each charge for which the arrest was made. For example a $10,000 bond for someone who was arrested with 2 charges, the fee would be $1,200 for the bond plus a processing fee of $30 x 2 charges, bringing the bond total to $1260
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